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Suits Against Banks

Commercial Collections
We represent clients in matters involving enforcement of loan agreements, promissory notes, leases and other credit obligations, and the recovery of personal property collateral and/or the foreclosure upon real property security resulting from defaults under such credit obligations.  We actively pursue prejudgment remedies to secure our clients’ rights, gain leverage and induce early settlement.  We also advocate the use of alternative dispute resolution, when appropriate and cost-effective, and are frank in telling clients when a case is weak or recovery is unlikely. We handle Article 9 sales, post-judgment collections through levy and turnover, and attack offshore asset protection trusts.
We offer expertise in defense of claims against banks, leasing companies and other financial institutions.  Our years of experience coupled with our thorough understanding of our clients’ operations allow us to focus on the material issues of each case.  We have first-hand experience in representing commercial clients before juries, personalizing the institutions and communicating complex concepts in lay terms.
We offer expertise that combines our deep understanding of banking coupled with the depth and breadth of our litigation experience in handling labor problems stemming from wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination lawsuits filed against employers.

We represent creditors in complex commercial workouts, often relative to problem real estate loans.  We re-document transactions to minimize the exposure to liability.

Vendor Disputes.
We represent banks in contractual disputes with operational vendors. Our in-depth knowledge of bank operations and regulations as well as state and federal litigation expertise enables us to win cases others are afraid to bring.