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Landlord/Tenant Litigation

Lease agreements are the heart of every commercial real estate business. Whether you own the commercial space or lease it to operate your business, you will be relying on the other party who has signed the lease. Unfortunately, misunderstandings about expectations and regulations are often at the heart of civil litigation arising from landlord-tenant disputes.

Our firm offers years of trial experience in many areas of commercial real estate transactions, lease disputes and evictions. We know how complex the issues often become and we understand the strategies for helping our clients avoid costly litigation. We work aggressively to find resolutions that will avoid a costly trial.

Talk to us about your landlord-tenant concern. Whether you are a property owner or lessee, our experience can make the difference in the outcome of your dispute.

We have experience in commercial real estate lease and contract law, including:

  • Commercial lease agreements, drafted and reviewed
  • Lease disputes and litigation, plaintiff and defense
  • Property eviction litigation, plaintiff and defense
  • Multi-unit residential property lease agreements and disputes
  • Renters' rights disputes

When you come to Amin Law Office for your litigation and dispute resolution needs, you are assured of knowledgeable, skilled legal representation grounded in decades of trial experience.